Hire Us to Get Rid of Your Pesky Stumps

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There's nothing like an ugly stump to ruin the look of a perfectly manicured lawn. Instead of letting it be, hire a professional crew to handle your stump grinding service. There's no stump too big or small for Faulkner Stump Grinding & Tree Care to handle. We'll provide a thorough solution that removes tripping hazards from your yard in Rochester, NH. You'll appreciate not having to look at that eyesore of a stump ever again.

We believe in sustainability, so we'll take the extra step of converting your stump to mulch. Mulch promotes healthy growth and allows gardens to flourish. If you're in the Rochester, NH area, call now to schedule your stump grinding service.

Get more use from your lawn

Get more use from your lawn

Stump removal gets rid of the stump in its entirety and provides an open area for new landscaping projects. Just think of the things you can do with this newfound space:

  • Plant a tree
  • Start a garden
  • Lay seeds for grass
We suggest spreading mulch to promote healthy plant growth.

Do you need stump removal service in the Rochester, NH area? Call now to get your free estimate.